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We spend our time in the OR learning more about this fascinating craft: surgery.

While educating both our customers and ourselves we learn more about our customers’ needs.

A lot of companies do this too. So why choose SPOX medtech as your distributor?

Well, let me tell you what we do not do.  We do not work in diagnostics, or radiology, or pathology, or ophthalmology or…

We work in the OR. A place we know well.

Neither do we distribute heavy equipment like OR tables, or OR lightning or disinfectors or…

If your products don’t fit in our portfolio we will tell you so. Perhaps we can advise you who to turn to in Sweden. We know some other nice companies here.

We don’t try to work in Denmark or Finland or any other part of Scandianvia or the Nordic countries. They are all different. Much more different than one might think.

We work in Sweden. A place we know well.

Our 20 years of experience has thought us the value of focus. Focus is saying no to things.

SPOX task is to market and sell products. Products that both you and we believe will help the surgeons and their staff in their effort to help the patient.

We do this whenever our knowledge tells us here is a situation where your product fills that need if the customer "use it like this".

This is how we apply our knowledge.

Surgery is what we have knowledge of and find fun and fascinating. Yes, your read correct, find fun. Once it is necessary, we find it fun. That is why we enjoy being in the OR together with our customers. If not, we would have done something else.

Confident in what we know.  We are aware there is so much more to learn.  We strive to fully use our knowledge while being aware of our limitations.

This takes self-confidence and courage. Which we have.


Let us learn together while we apply our existing knowledge in the areas we focus.

Let us have fun while we help our customers help their patients.

Let us grow our joint awareness, while being courageous.

Let’s do that now!

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